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Professional Cutting Wheels

About Us

We launched our first product in 2012 in the Welding Electrodes Segment, under the brand name Tahelka Premium®-E6013. Since inception, the brand has been one of the renowned names in the welding electrodes market. Following its success, Tahelka® Cutting Wheels was envisioned in the year 2016, so as to capture the vast opportunity that the Power Tools Accessory segment had to offer.

After 3 years of in-depth analysis of the cutting wheels & abrasives market, we introduced several series namely Tahelka® - Pro, Super & Hot Press Premium Black Series so as to cater a wide array of clientele across India.

For over 7 years, Tahelka® has been synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and value. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence and dedication towards continually testing, designing and innovating our products to ensure quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

We aim to offer unmatched quality at affordable prices through our widespread distribution channel.

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Advanced R&D

Tahelka®'s R&D department aims at continuous improvement of our existing products to increase efficiency and productivity. It spearheads the production technology, quality control and development of unique, high quality new products so as to benefit our consumers in terms of lifespan, speed, precision and more.

Brand Legacy

In today’s dynamic world, where there’s a plethora of options and brands available in the market, creating a niche and brand loyalty is imperative to any brand’s success. At Tahelka®, we believe that the key to making a 'memorable' brand is to sustain its image by creating products that morph with change, thus maintaining their relevance over time.

Zero Complaints

Great customer service isn’t rocket science. All it takes is a clear vision and a deep commitment to put the customer first. We are based on a companywide commitment to exceptional customer service, we believe in not just living up to their expectations, but in exceeding them. We consider customer satisfaction to be the final litmus test.

Fast & Precise Cutting

Tahelka® cutting wheels comprise the grains that do the cutting, the bonds that hold the grains in place, and the fibreglass mesh that reinforces the wheels. The diameter, thickness, bond strength and reinforcement vary from wheel to wheel to give the user fast and precise cutting as per the requirement.

Quality Guaranteed

Tahelka® wheels have a superior grain and bond technology that delivers unrivalled product life and speed, taking cutting and grinding to new levels of performance. Our manufacturing processes and maintenance of our production facilities comply with strict international quality, safety and environmental standards.

German Technology

Germany has been a World Leader in Technology, Engineering and Innovation. Our blades are processed using German Technology giving an edge to our wheels. Thus, resulting in long lasting cutting performance, quality, speed and precision.

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We Offer Reliable Professional Cutting Wheels

We aim to offer unmatched quality at affordable prices.

Brand Identity

Due to the popularity of our brand, there are several duplicates and imitations of our products in the market. We take protection and identification of our brand very seriously in order to establish trust amongst our product users.

Retail Packaging

We select package styles and colour ranges to make the act of imitating our products more difficult. Our unique and bold package designs distinguish our products from any duplicates and imitations in the market.

Trademark Identity

Our brand is registered under the Trademark Number 3844228. Each piece of our product range is marked with this Trademark Number and we have not authorised any other person to use this trademark in any way or form.

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